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ESOL Teacher 2018-2019 School Year
Title:ESOL Teacher 2018-2019 School Year
Educator Job Description
Position: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher
The SEED School of Miami
Reports to: Director of Academic Affairs
Team: Middle School
Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm; Friday: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Agreement Period: July 01 2018 – June 30, 2019
Classification: Non-exempt employee
About SEED:
The mission of SEED schools is to prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally, for success in and beyond college in a public, college-prep, boarding school setting.
Based on the success of the first two schools in The SEED School network, one in Washington, D.C. and one in Baltimore, Maryland, The SEED School of Miami opened its doors to 60 new students in the sixth grade in August 2014 and will expand to serve over 130 students in grades 6, 7 & 8 during the 2016-2017 school year. At full scale, SEED Miami will grow to serve 400 students in grades 6-12, 100 percent of whom will come from underserved communities across South Florida.
As outlined in Florida legislation, an eligible SEED Miami student are all Florida residents, at risk of academic failure, and come from a family whose income is below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. They must also meet at least one of the below four additional risk factors:
·         The child is served under the child welfare waiver demonstration, (to include foster care) or has been declared an                          adjudicated dependent by a court
·         The student’s head of household is not the student’s custodial parent
·         The student resides in a household that receives a housing voucher or has been determined eligible for public housing                 assistance
·         A member of the student’s immediate family has been incarcerated
All students live on campus between Sunday afternoon and Friday afternoon and transportation is provided back and forth to home and school on the weekends.
* More information can be found on the school’s website:
The founding SEED Miami staff will work collaboratively to prepare students for success in college and the global workforce. They will recognize and embrace that they are responsible for the academic, social, and emotional development of children and build the relationships with students, families and colleagues to actualize our mission. Under the direction and leadership of the Director of Student Support Services, Exceptional Student Education teachers will plan and provide for appropriate instructional programming and learning experiences for students of varied backgrounds and abilities.
Additionally, they provide effective instruction and support in curricular areas for which employed; utilize various instructional resources and technologies; demonstrate knowledge of the teaching/learning process; develop and modify instructional plans and materials to meet the needs of a diverse student population; maintain contact and communication with parents; and work effectively with administrators, colleagues, and all members of the school community.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
SEED ESE teachers collaborate in a positive team environment to:
  • Complete student academic, social, and behavior assessments to determine the student’s strengths and challenges
  • Write, implement, and monitor Individual Education Plans (IEP) that will guide each student's instructional program based on student assessments, needs, and strengths
  • Participate in the inclusion co-teaching model of instruction for students in general education classrooms
  • Design individual and small group instructional strategies that parallel and support the general education curriculum
  • Adapt and develop materials to match the special needs of each student
  • Evaluate and advance students in an appropriate manner based on their disability, IEP, or special learning needs
  • Act as coordinator of IEP implementation and monitoring with general education staff
  • Coordinate services of support staff, including occupational, physical and speech and language therapists, counselors, and other professionals that provide services to the students
  • Meet with parents to review the IEP and record progress and concerns
  • Organize, prepare, and lead Student Support Team meeting with staff and parents to better meet the needs of students
  •  Make referrals to resources within the community that may provide additional assistance to the child and/or the family
  •  Assist students in learning to utilize assistive technology tools to support their learning, independence, and growth
  • Help create a classroom environment that provides for student involvement in the learning process and enables each student to achieve learning goals;
  • Plan and implement an instructional program that meets the needs, interests, and abilities of a diverse student population;
  •  Manage pupil performance in the classroom and applies effective strategies to reinforce and/or modify student behavior and performance;
  •  Establish learning objectives consistent with assessment of student needs, requirements of the state of Florida, and knowledge of human growth and development;
  • Maintain accurate and complete records as required by law, Seed policy, and administrative regulations;
  • Participate in school management and shares responsibility for the total school program, attends staff meetings, and participates in professional development opportunities; and
  • Appraise his/her own effectiveness, seeks opportunities for professional growth, and demonstrates successful application of new skills and strategies in order to improve professional competence
  • Provide for an engaging middle school learning environment conducive to student success
  • Actively build strong relationships with parents and families that foster trust, collaboration, and communication
  • Promote and support a middle school program with promotion based upon standards mastery
  • Examine student assessment data to inform decision making and to guide and improve instruction
  • Establish and maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Collaborate with fellow SEED staff on student support, planning, professional development, and standards-based curriculum and common assessment design to contribute to the continuous improvement of instruction at the school
  • Assess students’ learning in a professional manner and communicate students’ progress to parents and fellow teachers to facilitate future instruction
  • Assist in general building supervision and discipline of students outside of the classroom according to the school’s Model of Care
  • Adhere to the professional and ethical standards as outlined in the SEED Miami Staff Manual
  • Model the school’s Core Values (Respect, Self-Discipline, Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, and Gratitude) in all environments and times and in their interactions with all school stakeholders
  • Participate in workshops, trainings, and other professional learning experiences to hone their craft
  • Engage in home visits (according to the protocol and expectations outlined in the staff handbook)
  • Contribute to a positive student-adult school culture
  • Participate in additional duties to include: community meetings, Targeted Instruction, tutoring, off-campus learning and others as directed by the Academic Coordinator.
  • Contribute to a collaborative co-teaching model; provide support to general education teachers and students.
Core Competencies
  • An ability to exercise patience, professionalism, and support during students’ learning process
  • Strong organization skills and a relentless pursuit of excellence
  • The ability to build positive and deep relationships with students, parents, and staff
  • The ability to effectively analyze data and utilize data to drive practice
  • An unyielding belief in all children’s ability to achieve excellence
Minimum Qualifications
  • ESOL Certified
  • All teachers must be Highly Qualified according to the Florida state requirements
  • Must have completed an undergraduate degree in their content area
  • Three plus years direct experience in an urban school;
  • Master’s degree in special education from an accredited college or university preferred;
  • National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) desired
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