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Director of High School Academics Affairs
Title:Director of High School Academics Affairs

About SEED:
The mission of SEED schools is to prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally, for success in and beyond college in a public, college-prep, boarding school setting.

Based on the success of the first two schools in The SEED School network, one in Washington, D.C. and one in Baltimore, Maryland, The SEED School of Miami will open its doors to 240 students in grades 6-9 in August 2017. At full scale, SEED Miami will grow to serve 400 students in grades 6-12, 100 percent of whom will come from underserved communities across South Florida.

As outlined in Florida legislation, an eligible SEED Miami student is a Florida resident, at risk of academic failure, who comes from a family whose income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, and meets at least one of the below four additional risk factors:

*The child is served under the child welfare waiver demonstration, (to include foster care) or has been declared an adjudicated dependent by a court
*The student’s head of household is not the student’s custodial parent
*The student resides in a household that receives a housing voucher or has been determined eligible for public housing assistance
*A member of the student’s immediate family has been incarcerated

All SEED students live on campus between Sunday evenings and Friday afternoons and transportation is provided back and forth to home and school on the weekends.

* More information can be found on the school’s website:

Supervisory Duties:
• The Director of High School Academic Affairs works in conjunction with the Director of High School Student Affairs to hire, supervise, support, and evaluate all high school staff members (teachers and SLC’s) with primary emphasis on the high school classroom teachers.
• For the 2017-2018 school year, there will be 10-13 total staff supporting our 9th grade class, 6 of whom we estimate will be classroom teachers.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Hire all 9th grade academic staff according to the compliance guidelines set forth by FLDOE standards and the core beliefs and values of the SEED organization.
• Manage and coach the high school team to maximize their effectiveness and performance. 
• Utilize PowerSchool for all scheduling, transcript management, and grading purposes and work hand-in-hand with the Data Manager to train all HS staff on the expectations and functions of PowerSchool.
• Develop Individualized Learning Plans for each HS student that map their credit accumulation towards graduation in accordance with FLDOE requirements and those set forth in the SEED Miami-MDCPS contract; track that each student is on track to graduate HS with all required courses within 4 years.
• Plan and execute a HS summer school program.
• Demonstrate leadership in the recruitment, training, assessment, and retention of quality staff.
• In collaboration with the Director of High School Student Affairs, build a 24-hour schedule for high school students that is responsive to their physical, emotional, social, and academic needs and includes time allocated for: classes, extracurricular activities including Sparks and athletics, tutoring, HALLS lessons, DEAR, morning and evening personal hygiene routines, dorm chores and other relevant components of the SEED experience.
• Provide overall programmatic leadership in the development, implementation, coordination, supervision, and assessment of the following areas:
    o Development of the 9th 12th grade curriculum in all subject areas
    o Implementation of the state standards in all subject areas
    o Implementation of a College-Board approved AP course of study program
    o Execution of an effective Study Hall period for homework completion
    o Building an afterschool tutorial program
    o Data driven scheduling of flexible groupings that address individual student needs
    o Development of a literacy program that integrates engaging and meaningful interactions with texts in multiple            ways (including DEAR, book clubs, and Literacy Alive experiences)
    o Co-design of the Experiential Learning Curriculum
    o Establishment of a positive peer culture
• Guide and support staff in the following areas:
    o Understanding and analyzing relevant student learning data
    o Understanding and teaching to the state & college readiness standards in multiple ways and across times of day
    o Recognizing individual student’s needs and designing a responsive curriculum for each child
• Gather relevant student data upon entry to SEED in a comprehensive student file and utilize this data (FSA scores, grades, IEP/504 Plan, etc.) to thoughtfully plan for the school year.
• Promote the mission of the school, articulate a clear high school academic program vision, build a strong, positive, nurturing culture of community, and work closely and collaboratively with the other members of the school leadership team to execute a seamless, integrated 24 hour college preparatory program.
• Collaborate with the high school leadership team which includes the Director of High School Academic Affairs, Director of High School Student Affairs, Dean of School Culture, and the Director of Student Support Services to develop and implement a dynamic program that results in high student achievement and a positive, nurturing school culture.
• Provide routine systematic analysis of student data, including but not limited to data regarding reading levels, state test scores, course grades, and mastery of individual standards.
• Partner with the Director of Student Support Services to ensure that all teachers are working hand in-hand with Exceptional Education and ESOL teachers and are clear in their understanding of individual student needs.
• Develop the daytime bell schedule for teachers and students to follow to include an A/B day, 4x4 rotation of blocks.
•Sit on the school’s Literacy Team (to include the ELA teachers, Director of Middle School Academic Affairs, Head of School, Data Manager, and other relevant staff) and conduct monthly meetings with this team to share data, best practices, and action plan on ongoing student growth.
• Formally observe all high school staff in the classroom or during Study Hall/DEAR or other academic program times and provide this feedback in a timely fashion.
• Complete summative evaluations of all HS staff with counterpart.
• Maintain student files, ensure grades are processed according to SEED’s grading policies, oversee generating report cards and planning conferences for parents and other feedback strategies to ensure relevant parties are partnered in each student’s success.
• Establish both long and short term goals and objectives related to the academic program and direct and supervise systems for accountability and assessment. Use data to assess, improve and manage program initiatives, staff performance and student development.
• Model highest behavior standards for students and staff at all times.
• Support high school staff and coordinate with other school leaders in utilizing, promoting and assessing the School’s core values.
• Provide crisis intervention and support for disciplinary issues as necessary.
• Lead start-up and manage ongoing efforts related to enrichment activities and authentic experiences which foster learning and personal growth for students.
• Communicate and regularly inform high school staff, colleagues, parents and other stakeholders on the status and development of the high school program.
• Maintain a visible presence and rapport with students, parents, staff and other community members.
• Collaborate with the middle school administrative team to successfully transition students from the MS to the HS program.
• Plan, attend, and implement all Summer Bridge programming.
• Actively seek program innovations and industry best practices which can be incorporated into the SEED model.
• Maintain commitment to personal professional growth and learning through research and involvement in professional organizations.
• Other duties as required or as assigned by the Head of School.

• A commitment to SEED’s mission and the belief that with the right resources any child can attend college and achieve his or her dreams.
• Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership or equivalent experience in related fields, with training and/or experience in child and adolescent development and adult learning.
• Administrative certification.
• 3 - 5 years of experience as leader of an educational community, including but not limited to a residential, boarding school or overnight camping program.
• 3 - 5 years demonstrated success in working with urban adolescents and youth in a diverse high school educational setting.
• 3 - 5 years of management and supervisory experience leading a diverse staff of a minimum of 25 staff members with at least 4 – 6 direct reports.
• 3-5 years of high school teaching experience is preferred.
• An ability to build and maintain a strong, positive school culture based on the SEED core values.
• A relentless focus on positive culture and the achievement of all students.
• Possess personal integrity and a strong moral and ethical character.
• A belief in high standards, accountability for all and continuous improvement.
• A goal-setter with boundless energy who goes “above and beyond” what is expected.
• Demonstrated poise, tact and diplomacy; approachable, accessible and highly visible.
• A positive and enthusiastic consensus-builder.
• A good listener.
• A secure sense of self that results in steady leadership; personally reflective and thoughtful.
• Strong interpersonal and presentation skills, and the ability to generate enthusiasm and confidence from others.
• Outstanding management and leadership skills with a successful record of coaching and developing adults in order to better support student success.
• Highly organized and experienced in managing multiple staff and projects, with a broad set of goals.
• Comfortable working in a fluid environment and capable of making adjustments in both day-to-day and larger-scale activities based on new information and situations.
• Highly collaborative and comfortable working in a team that includes managers, peers, and advisors; Able to interact with team members on a non-hierarchical basis.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills with individuals at all levels, both one-on-one and in groups.
• Proven understanding (academic or practical) of urban education required.


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