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Assistant Director of Middle School Academic Affairs
Title:Assistant Director of Middle School Academic Affairs
Department:Programmatic Leadership
Job Description:

Assistant Director of Middle School Academic Affairs 
Job Classification:
Full-time (12-month)
Reports to: Director of Middle School Academic Affairs

Overview: The Assistant Director of Middle School Academic Affairs supports the work of the Director of Middle School Academic Affairs (DMSAA) in developing, implementing and refining a high quality academic program for all middle school students.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
The Assistant Director of Middle School Academic Affairs is a full-time school administrator who:
● Participates in weekly collaboration meetings with the Director of MS Academic Affairs to discuss and plan curriculum, program needs, priorities, and initiatives;
● Collaborates with the DMSAA in leading, planning and/or facilitating intentional professional development opportunities for academic staff that may include Data Days, whole-staff PD days, weekly staff meetings, and department or grade level meetings;
● Conducts informal observations of MS teachers to provide real-time feedback to academic staff and to develop professional development; uses data to model best practices at department meetings and in classes;
● Coaches teachers on standards-based practices;
● Collaborates with academic leaders on the school-wide Literacy Team and attends monthly team meetings in accordance with state regulations pertaining to the function of this team; collaborates with the Head of School to ensure that the Literacy Team’s initiatives are aligned with the SIP and participates on the EESAC as a spokesperson for the school wide literacy plan;
● Assists with facets of the data cycle and assessment schedule, including, but not limited to, state examinations and network interim assessments, F&P testing, and Lexile assessments. o Builds the capacity of academic team to collect, analyze, interpret, and use student data so they can more effectively plan and differentiate instruction based on student needs, o Works with the Director of MS Academic Affairs to design schoolwide data chat protocols and conduct data chats with literacy department and scholars. o Supports academic team in developing action plans based on data, provide feedback on action plans, and monitor implementation of action plans. o Collaborates with Deans to create incentives and motivators for assessments that promote positive school culture;
● Participates alongside the Directors as a member of the SEED Network curriculum and/or assessment COP groups;
● Reviews lesson plans of teachers and provide feedback on objective and lesson alignment;
● Supports the Directors by identifying resources, curricular materials, and experiential learning opportunities for students/staff;
● Collaborates with the Director of High School Academics and co-director of academics to continue to develop the vertical curriculum across departments as the school grows and expands;
● Conducts parent meetings as needed to discuss the academic progress of middle school scholars;
● Models the Core Values and contributes to a healthy MS culture;
● Performs daily supervision of students including during hallway transitions, lunch periods, etc;
● Stands in for the DMSAA in relevant meetings as requested.

Qualifications & Competencies:
● Advanced degree in Educational Leadership (preferred); 
● Proven administrative experience (1-3 years prefered);
● Committed to the mission of SEED;
● Demonstrates professionalism in actions, words, and presentation;
● Adheres to school policies and procedures;
● Models the school’s Core Values of Respect, Self-Discipline, Integrity, Compassions, Gratitude, and Responsibility when interacting with colleagues, students, parents and other school stakeholders;
● Ability to manage time and deliverables;
● Self-directed;
● Goal-oriented and assertive;
● A strong team player;
● Maintains a positive, solution-oriented and respectful attitude;
● Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management and ability to prioritize work -load;
● Is productive in his/her work meeting deadlines and prioritizing duties as necessary;
● Performs other duties as workload and priorities necessitate.
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